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Auto Paint Correction With Cquartz Finest

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hi everyone, today we have a 2012 Jaguar XF-R. This lovely British saloon car was booked for our Cquartz Finest Platinum Detail. When the Jag was dropped off, it was fairly clean, so we went straight to a rinse-less wash with Ultima Waterless Wash Plus to remove and lingering dirt and dust from the drive over. We didn’t bother with the wheels at this point because included in our Platinum service is removing the wheels for a full cleaning and coating. After the wash we spot treated the vehicle with a Car Pro Polyshave Decon Towels to remove some spots of bonded contaminants. With the paint totally clean and free of any other products we could see the true condition of the paint.

scratched red auto paint

scratched vehicle door window

While the paint isn’t in terrible shape by any means, it definitely did need a bit of work to get it looking near perfect prior to being coated. After several rounds of testing we ended up with a two step combination that yielded 95%+ defect removal. The heavy cutting was taken care of with Meguiars M205 on an MF pad via the Rupes 21. While this finished nicely, we wanted to add as much clarity and gloss to the paint as possible, so we followed it up with Car Pro Reflect on a green Buff and Shine pad, also on the Rupes 21. Here is how the auto paint correction with Cquartz Finest turned out.

The paint wasn’t the only part of the car that required polishing. The taillights has also been swirled up and needed to be addressed. They were polished with the same combination as the paint to remove the majority of the defects.

Next on the list of correction was the exhaust. This vehicle has an aftermarket exhaust system installed that has stainless steel pipes, mufflers, and tips. None were in that great of shape, so we machine polished the rear pipes, muffles, and tips with Duragloss Metal Polish and a Porter Cable XP. These pipes would later be coated with Cquartz Finest as well to help from dulling. ​Before:


jaguar xf-r dual exhaust pipe

Next up on the list were the wheels, calipers, and wheel wells. Again, the wheels on this vehicle weren’t in terrible shape, but they did need a good bit of work to get them up to the level of the rest of the car. To do this, the wheels were removed, cleaned with Car Pro Iron X (face, rear of spokes, and barrels), the left over wheel weight residue was removed with Car Pro Tar X, and the face and barrels were machined polished with Car Pro Reflect at amp up the gloss and smooth out some minor defects. After they were looking perfect they were wiped down with Car Pro Eraser to remove any residual polishing oils and coated with 3 layers of Cquartz Finest. ​Before:


While the wheels were removed we also addressed the painted brake calipers and wheel wells. The calipers and wheel wells were cleaned with a combination of APC+ and various brushes. The calipers were then machine polished with Car Pro Reflect prior to being coated with Cquartz Finest. The wheels wells were dressed with Car Pro PERL. Before/After:

Of course once the wheels were re-installed on the vehicle, the lug nuts were torqued down to the factory specs. With the wheels back on the vehicle we then wiped the paint, glass, and all of the trim down with Car Pro Eraser to prepare it for Cquartz Finest. Finest went on in 3 layers, and was then baked under IR curing lamps to make sure the coating was cured and ready to give maximum protection. Here is how it all turned out.

That about does it for this one! As usual we had a blast working on this vehicle and we are very happy with the results. If you would like any additional information regarding our services or the products we use, don’t hesitate to email or call us! Thanks!

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