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Our side-by-side photo of a black paintwork job showcases the remarkable difference between non-corrected paintwork and our rejuvenating detail service. Say goodbye to scuffs, swirl marks, defects, and scratches as we restore your paint job to a smooth, glossy, and protected finish.

Paint Correction

Transform your vehicle's appearance with professional paint correction services. Say goodbye to swirl marks, scratches, and dullness. Restore the beauty and shine of your car's paintwork with expert paint correction techniques.




Paint correction, also known as paint polishing, is the act of leveling paint to remove defects, ​including wash induced swirls, light scratches, hard water spots, bird dropping etchings, and scuffs via machine buffing.


Through machine polishing we are also able to drastically improve the gloss of a vehicle’s paintwork. With a TLC Auto Detail paint correction, the defects will be actually removed, ​not just hidden like many other detail shops offer. Depending on the condition of your paint and the desired results, we can perform either a one step or multi-step paint correction to ensure maximum results.

  • Hand wash exterior of vehicle, dry with compressed air, blot dry door, trunk, and hood jams

  • Clean the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and fender wells

  • Dress tires and fender wells with low gloss, non-sling, dressing

  • Use clay bar on paint, glass, and wheels to removed bonded contaminants

  • Single step of machine polishing performed on exterior paintwork

  • Car Pro Reload synthetic sealant applied to paintwork, glass, and wheels for protection

  • Door jams cleaned and sealed with Car Pro Reload synthetic sealant

  • Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed, exterior metal trim polished and sealed

  • Interior lightly vacuumed and wiped down

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  Benefits of Paint Correction  


If your vehicle's paint shows signs of swirl marks, fine scratches, dullness, or uneven texture, it may benefit from paint correction. These imperfections are often caused by improper washing, environmental factors, or aging. Consulting with a TLC Auto Detail professional can help assess the condition of your vehicle's paint and determine if paint correction is necessary.


The duration of paint correction depends on several factors, including the size of the vehicle, the severity of paint defects, and the desired level of correction. It can range from a few hours for minor corrections to multiple days for extensive paint restoration projects. It is best to consult with one of our professional detailers for a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and the condition of your vehicle's paint.


In many cases, paint correction can significantly reduce the appearance of swirl marks and scratches, making them less noticeable or even completely removing them. However, the extent to which they can be eliminated depends on various factors, such as the severity of the imperfections, the thickness of the clear coat, and the overall condition of the paint. Deep or severe scratches that have penetrated the base layer of paint may require more extensive repair methods or touch-up work. It's recommended to consult with one of our professionals for an accurate assessment and realistic expectations regarding your vehicle's specific paint imperfections.


Experience the ultimate in hydrophobic protection with Car Pro Reload Synthetic Sealant. This advanced formula creates a super hydrophobic layer that repels water like never before. Say goodbye to dirt and grime, as Reload keeps your vehicle's paint clean longer, enhances its glossy appearance, and provides a highly reflective shine. You'll enjoy easier car washing and faster drying times.

Side-by-side photo comparison showcasing our expert rejuvination detail single-step paint correction service in Sterling, VA. Witness the remarkable transformation as we correct minor defects on brand new or fairly new vehicles. Our one-step machine polish delivers 90%+ correction for light swirls and defects, revealing a truly brand new car. For daily driven vehicles with heavier defects, this package offers 65%-80% correction, providing significant improvement. Say goodbye to wash-induced marring, holograms, and overspray with our professional paint correction service.

(Single-Step Paint Correction)

This service is designed mainly for brand new or fairly new vehicles that only have minor defects that need to be corrected. Most people would think that a new or nearly new vehicle that was just delivered wouldn’t need to be corrected, but unfortunately this is far from the truth. Most new vehicles need at least a one step correction service, if not more. Defects can include wash induced marring from the dealership wash bay, holograms from the production line, or even over spray from outside repairs while sitting on the lot at the dealership.

With this package your vehicle will receive a one-step machine polish before the surface is protected with sealant or wax (for maximum protection after correction check out our Modesta coating!!). For a new vehicle with light swirls and defects you can expect 90%+ correction, and you will truly have a brand new car. If you have a daily driven vehicle with some heavier defects, this package can be appropriate since it might not be a fiscally intelligent idea to spend lots of money correcting a car that sits out in the elements 24/7. For a vehicle that falls into this category you can expect 65%-80% correction depending on the initial condition of the paintwork.

Before and after comparison photo showcasing the remarkable results of our multi-step paint correction service, known as the Restoration Detail. Achieve unparalleled gloss and clarity for your vehicle's paintwork. This service goes beyond a single step of correction, providing an additional level of perfection. With 85-90% defect removal, our Restoration Detail offers the best correction achievable without resorting to sanding. Witness the transformative power of our service in this captivating before and after photo of a blue paint job.

(Multi-Step Paint Correction)

While a single step off correction will make a drastic difference in the gloss and clarity of a vehicle's paint, there are some instances where the desired results are not achievable with just one step of correction. For a vehicle that has heavier defects, or a client looking for as close to perfect as possible, we offer our Restoration Detail. This service includes everything from the Rejuvenation Detail and adds and additional step of paint correction. Depending on the initial condition of the paintwork, this service will remove 85-90% of the defects. Short of sanding a finish, this is the best correction that you can ask for. 

Multi Step
Single Step
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